"the only tired I was, was tired of giving in"

— you’re very correct miss Rosa Parks, you’re very correct


Hi everyone! I just went to the doctor yesterday with my little sister and when they were going to give us our flu shot my sister cried soo much you wouldn’t believe it! in a way it was funny but if you saw her you would feel bad for her ‘cuz you know….she’s adorable. ^.^ man I was cracking up but deep down I felt like I wanted to cry with her because I too am (KIND OF) afraid of needles. So in reality I was laughing of pure terror! xD I’m so embarrassed!!!


I Marilyn Jane Villa am now going off to theatre arts after school stuff

"if you’re at a restaurant and you’re waiting for the waiter aren’t YOU the waiter?"

My sister told me that and if you look back into all those times you were at a restaurant, you become completely aware that it’s true. ^.^